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Silver Seahawk BRX is a spacious open boat designed especially for day trips and access boating on vast waters. Due to the durable aluminum hull and the sturdy construction, the BRX can also be utilised year-round in areas where the sea/lake does not freeze over in wintertime. Behind the two steering consoles with a 2-part middle door all passengers travel sheltered from draught and seasprays. The stern cockpit is very spacious, and can fit even two additional comfort seats of 1-2 modular seating boxes as extensions to the stern bench. The durable aluminum hull is constructed without any lifting strakes, which makes for smooth and balanced rides.


50 340,00 €Cena
  • A durable and extremely spacious novelty for day trips and access boating

    Silver Seahawk CCX, which was introduced to the public in August last year, will in February 2024 be accompanied by two sister models. Alongside the center console equipped CCX model, Silver launches a BRX model with dual consoles and a practical Cabin version. The Silver Seahawk trio has been designed especially for maritime access boating and year-round utilisation, with a focus on Nordic and Northern European waters. All Silver Seahawk models, as well the whole of the Silver model range, are still to this day made in Finland.

    Silver Seahawk BRX is an open aluminum boat designed especially for day trips and access boating. All passengers can take shelter from draught in the stern cockpit behind the steering consoles. The open bow has a large storage capacity inside the benches, as well as an open compartment for mooring lines in the very bow. The bow’s centre walkway can be covered by a separate aluminum plate, with the help of which an even casting deck can be formed in the bow. The casting deck can also be utilised as a sunbed. The steering consoles of the BRX are wider than usual, making it possible to install even a 16” chartplotter onto the control panel. Both consoles also have good storage spaces for small personal belongings.

    The frameless windshield ensures great visibility in all directions, at the same time as it gives the boat a streamlined and modern outlook. The windshield is made out of hardened glass, which means it does not easily scratch and it also makes installation of windshield wipers possible. The side windows continue far along the sides, offering good shelter also for the passengers sitting in the back.

    Spacious stern and comprehensive accessories

    The stern cockpit of the Silver Seahawk BRX is so spacious that it can easily accommodate either two additional comfort seats or 1-2 additional seat boxes as extensions to the stern bench. With the help of the modular seat boxes a U or L shaped sofa can be formed in the back, adding to the comfort especially when used mainly for day trips and leisure rides. The co-pilot’s comfort seat can also be upgraded into a wider bench seat with a folding backrest. The standardly fitted comfort seats can be equipped with offshore suspension pedestals, making sea journeys more comfortable also in harsher conditions. However, ergonomics and comfort have been considered for all passengers, not only the driver and co-driver. 

    In addition to a comprehensive set of standard equipment, the BRX model also has a wide array of additional accessories available. Some of the add-ons include a bow thruster, drawer fridge, 2-part stern canopy and the aluminum plate for the bow walkway. The waterski/equipment arch in the stern is standard, as are the 30mm thick side railings and the canopy storage compartment behind the stern bench.

    All three Silver Seahawk models are built on the same stable and sturdy aluminum hull. The hull is made without any lifting strakes, guaranteeing smooth and balanced rides, and the low plaining threshold ensures that the boats can be driven on plane even in harsh conditions that might require low speed. An even aluminum flooring without any thresholds or steps, as well as the 30 mm thick aluminum side railings and high freeboards increase safety onboard.

    *Engine recommendation is unfortunately yet to be confirmed. The exhibition boat is equipped with a Honda BF200 outboard.

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