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Terhi Saiman + Torqeedo Travel 603 S


Electrified favorite

eTerhi Saiman is a traditional rowing boat equipped with solar panel and electric outboard. eTerhi Saiman is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious boaters and for those who travel on waters where fuel engines are prohibited. The solar panel is placed on center bench of the boat. When more seating is needed, the solar panel can easily be turned under the bench by turning around the entire countertop. In this way, the solar panel is not damaged during the journey. A lockable storage compartment, pair of oars and rowlocks also come with the basic pack.

eTerhi Saiman

4 580,00 €Price
  • Terhi Saiman + Torqeedo Travel 603 S

    Terhi Saiman:

    Length  478 cm

    Width  148 cm

    Weight  105 kg

    Number of passengers  4

    Engine  2-5 hp

    Maximum recommended engine weight  25 kg

    Estimated top speed with two persons  7 kn

    Approval  CE/D

    Transom height  Short

    Self-draining √

    Unsinkable construction √

    Hull  ABS

    Railings  HST / additional

    Flotation  Polyurethane

    Deck  ABS

    Torqeedo Travel 603 S:

    Electric power input - 615 W

    Shaft length S - 62,5 cm

    Total weight - 15,5 kg

    Comparable with combustion engine - 2 hv

    Voltage - 29,6 V

    Integrated battery - 500 Wh Li-ion

    Example of use - Soutuvene

    • 50 W solar panel
    • Fender list
    • Oars 8,5’ 255 undrilled
    • Pair of rowlocks
    • Rainwater drainage
    • Terhi hand bailer
    • Two lockable storage compartments
    • Voltage regulator
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