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The DF225 V-6 four-stroke outboard is packed with technology, and a large displacement, lots of torque and plenty of power. This four-stroke engine is a clean runner and certified with a 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission rating from the California Air Resource Board (CARB), while also meeting the EPA 2010 standards. If you want to run with a winner, go with the time-tested four-stroke. Go Suzuki. Now available in Cool White.


The DF225 hosts a 54 A alternator that generates approximately 38 A of power, perfect for powering your vessel even when the engine is running as low as 1,000 rpm. Under any circumstances, that’s more than enough to power all of your needs without sacrifice.


The Tilt Limit Switch was designed by Suzuki to take chance out of the equation. With a suggested tilt that prevents your motor from moving too far, there’s little room for error.


The DF225 is a V-shaped, six-cylinder, four-stroke engine with unique technical characteristics. Equipped with a 55 degree angled 3614cc cylinder block, digital sequential fuel injection, a powerful 32-bit on-board computer and a 54-amp charging alternator. It is not only the most compact, but also the most powerful and fastest outboard motor in its class. The DF225 gives you the ultimate boating experience with four-stroke technology that combines only the best of engineering.


18 400,00 €Price
  • MODEL    DF225   *3
    RECOMMENDED TRANSOM HEIGHT mm    L: 508 *4, X: 635, XX: 762
    STARTING SYSTEM    Electric
    WEIGHT kg  *1    L: 264 *4, X: 275, XX: 284
    ENGINE TYPE    DOHC 24-Valve
    FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM    Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
    NO. OF CYLINDERS    V6 (55-degree)
    PISTON DISPLACEMENT cm3    3,614
    BORE ×STROKE mm    95 x 85
    MAXIMUM OUTPUT kW    165.0
    FULL THROTTLE OPERATING RANGE rpm    5,000-6,000
    STEERING    Remote
    OIL PAN CAPACITY Lit.    8.0
    IGNITION SYSTEM    Fully-transistorized
    ALTERNATOR    12V 54A
    ENGINE MOUNTING    Shear Mount
    TRIM METHOD    Power Trim and Tilt
    GEAR RATIO    2.29:1
    EXHAUST    Through Prop Hub Exhaust
    All propellers are the 3-blade type    15"-27.5"
    *1 Dry weight: not including propeller and engine oil,
    *2 Please inquire at your local dealer for details of the propeller,
    *3 Counter Rotation Model Available,
    *4 DF200 only
    The appearance, colors, and equipment of outboard motors may differ according to market and grade.
    Specifications may change without prior notice.
    *Manufacture data

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