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To develop the top of the Suzuki line up, we embarked on a major expedition to build the ultimate outboard motor, while still maintaining peak maneuverability. Larger engines typically burn more fuel, and increase the weight of your boat, but we spent countless hours in design and simulation, to deliver torque without the baggage. See just how far 350 horsepower will take you, with the cuttingly designed DF350A. This model now comes in Cool White and Pearl Nebular Black.


Our technologically advanced Precision Control System is a computer-based drive-by-wire control system that eliminates the friction and resistance of mechanical control cables. Operation is smooth and precise with crisp, immediate shifting that is most evident in the low rpm range, when maneuvering around the marina and in close quarters.


The knock sensor monitors combustion to provide you with optimized performance. In addition to maximizing power output, the system also helps increase engine durability.


The increased power of this engine requires more powerful gears, and more powerful gears take up more space. How do you design a solution that doesn’t compromise performance? Enter our contra-rotating dual propeller system. The contra-rotating propeller provides more “grip” underwater, and because contra-rotating propellers distribute the engine torque evenly over two propellers, the torque per propeller decreases and we can reduce the gear size and design a smaller, more hydrodynamic gear case.


By positioning the crankshaft in front of the drive shaft, we’ve moved the outboard’s center of gravity forward, making the outboard more compact and increasing its performance. This design also significantly reduces vibration by moving the engine’s axis of inertia—the point where engine vibrations are at a minimum—up over the upper engine mount.


31 800,00 €Price
  • Model DF350ATX
    Timing 4 stroke
    Power 350 HP
    Number of cylinders 6
    Engine capacity 4390 cm³
    Fuel type gasoline AI95
    Fuel supply EFI
    Lubrication system circulation
    Range max. revolutions 5700-6300 rpm
    Generator 12V 54A
    Recommended battery 130 Ah
    Control remote*
    Remote controller electronic
    launch electric starter
    Climb hydraulic
    boat transom 635 mm
    Spark plug (NGK) ILZKR7D8
    Screw rotation counter-rotation
    Reduction 2.29:1
    Screw range 12-31.5
    Reverse There is
    Reducer 3200 ml
    Carter 8000 ml
    Weight 330 kg
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