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A sizeable rowboat that is possible to equip with an outboard engine. Thanks to its wide hull Terhi 440 is exceptionally stable and has a great carrying capacity. A good choice for use at the summer house, for shorter transfers and fishing.

Terhi 440

SKU: 244002
3 100,00 €Price
  • A generously sized rowing boat that can be fitted with an outboard motor. Thanks to the wide hull, Terhi 440 is very stable and the carrying capacity is far more than in most boats of similar size. Commuting from one place to another, the boat carries safely even larger loads to and from the summer house or cottage. When fishing it does not rock, nor roll when the nets are set or when the catch is lifted into the boat. Lockable storage spaces are available in both bow and stern, and the middle bench can be adjusted in length or disconnected and removed if necessary.

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