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New for season 2021! The 480 TC is a versatile, just under five meter long double console motorboat. It is equally as well suited for pure recreational rides and fishing, as it is for transportational needs to and from the summer house. There's plenty of space onboard for both passengers, equipment and packing, and its driving characteristics are extremely good for its size. The door in-between the two side consoles improves wind shelter for both driver and passengers sitting in the back. The boat is steered sitting on the stern bench.

Terhi 480 TC

SKU: 248007
9 800,00€Price
  • A steadfast companion for versatile use

    Terhi 480 TC is our peppy novelty for season 2021. The finished look, the outstanding driving properties and the boat's great storage capacity makes it into a favourite especially amongst summer house owners and recreational boaters who enjoy doing short to medium trips along the shorelines. The 480 TC replaces the former model range favourite Terhi 475 Twin C, and it is the newest addition to the Terhi 480 series.

    The 480 TC is a just under five meter long versatile motorboat that is equipped with two side consoles and a door in-between the consoles. The boat is steered sitting on the stern bench, which frees up a large open deck in the bow. Thus it is extemely convenient and easy to transport packing and groceries onboard the 480 TC. The spacious bow also invites to do some cast fishing. In front of both of the consoles we have placed a seat, inside which is a large, lockable storage space. In the front of the bow there is also a well-dimensioned seat, and underneath it a large storage compartment. The mooring lines also have their own storage compartment in the very bow.

    In the stern, behind the steering consoles, the driver and 2-3 passengers travel comfortably sheltered from wind and sea sprays. The instrument panel has more space for gauges and navigational equipment than its predecessor, which suits even the more modern boater. Inside the stern bench there space for boating equipment and other accessories, in addtion to the portable fuel tank. In the aft corners we have placed a storage compartment each, suited for mooring lines and anchor.

    Durable triple hull construction

    The boat's hull is of true Terhi quality, manufactured using not only double, but triple ABS-sheets. ABS plastic as boat building material, is both weather resistant, strong and easy to maintain and clean. The void in-between the vacuum-formed hull sheets is densely filled with a water non-absorbing polyurethane foam, which attaches the hull sheets to each other, at the same time as it reinforces the structure and functions as floatation. This unique so called sandwich construction dampens hull borne structural noice and results in safe and practically unsinkable boats that are simple to uphold, easy on the eye and that withstand time.

    Wide set of additional accessories to choose from

    Besides a comprehesive standard equipment level, there are also plenty of additional accessories to choose from, in order to make the 480 TC suit your own specific needs. A popular accessory is of course the stern canopy, which can prolongue your boating season in spring and autumn, and also gives shelter from unexpected rain showers. The canopy has its own storage space behind the stern bench (as standard). Another accessory that especially the kids might enjoy, is the sundeck that can be installed in the bow. By removing the sunbed cushions, the deck can also be utilized for cast fishing. If you usually use the boat with the whole family onboard, you might also want to opt for steady shark fin rails in the bow and side railings for the windshield. For all available accessories, please refer to your local Terhi dealer or check the accessory section of our home page (accessories for the novelty will be added to the website shortly).

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