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The traditional Finnish rowing boat made according to Terhi standards. Saiman moves smoothly and evenly through waves, both by oars and engine, and it’s a lot more carefree than the traditional boats. The shape of the hull makes Terhi Saiman extremely effortless to row. Available with white or green hull color.

Terhi Saiman

SKU: 250003
2 365,00 € Regular Price
2 300,00 €Sale Price
  • Terhi’s version of the traditional Finnish rowing boat. This open boat moves easily and smoothly, with oars or by engine, but it is much easier to maintain than traditional rowing boats. Saiman’s strong sandwich hull of ABS-plastic can withstand hard impacts and dents much better than boats of made out of wood or fiberglass. This carefree boat has room for two sets of oars and a small outboard engine. Lockable storage spaces are also available in this model, and the Saiman also has a middle-bench that is adjustable.

    Boat’s self-draining construction is optimized with an outboard engine. When boat is used without an engine, the weight should be compensated with 10kg.

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