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A practical and uncomplicated cabin boat, designed especially for commuting and shorter trips in the archipelago or along the coast. The high broadsides, stepped bow, and extensive railings make the open bow area safe and accessible to boaters of all ages. The compact cabin offers all five passengers



TG 6.1

31 875,00 €Price
  • Simply practical
    Designed for commuting and shorter day trips in varied weather conditions, the TG 6.1 is a simply practical, stylish cabin boat for five adults. The spacious open bow area allows for transport of large items, and the wide passageway makes loading easy. The stepped bow, sturdy three-point fixed railings and an anti-skid deck make it safe to enter and move around on the boat. With TG 6.1 you can extend the traditional boating season, as you can enjoy boating from early spring until late autumn.

    Practicality above all
    Cabin boats are primarily designed for the practical islander or boater, who enjoy comfort and usability in all weathers. The cabin offers protection from wind, rain and scorching sun, while the opening sunroof, spanning the width of the roof, allows you to both effectively ventilate the boat and enjoy the sunny weather sheltered from wind. All current TG boats also feature a unique defogging system to guarantee visibility even in humid conditions.

    The open bow area of the TG 6.1 offers seating for four and plenty of space for transporting large items. The seats also serve as steps for entering the boat from the bow or over the sides. The boat is passable from bow to stern either through the cabin or along the side decks. Especially for port manoeuvres and when fastening fenders the side decks are highly practical. The walk-through cabin makes handling the boat easier, especially when boating solo. Covered storage spaces for fenders, mooring lines and anchor ensure they are easily accessible when you reach your destination. The cabin also offers plenty of storage space for luggage and other supplies.

    Packed with tried and tested details
    Our designers, who are also experienced boaters and islanders, have focused especially on ergonomics for the skipper. In every respect, the TG 6.1 is packed with unique details, which make for a good boating experience whatever the weather conditions. All the controls are easily accessible to the skipper, and e.g. the windshield wiper switches are positioned so that they are easy to find by simply feeling around. This ensures that the skipper can concentrate on driving the boat instead of on locating the switches when navigating choppy waves and other challenging conditions. Trim tabs come as standard in all current TG models, ensuring that driving remains stable despite the wind direction and the loading of the boat.

    The cabin, windshield and other window surfaces are designed to provide good visibility in every direction. For the same reason, the door and window frames, as well as the window posts, are as narrow as possible. The front door is wide, making it easy to board the boat and carry things into the cabin for shelter. The upper and lower rails of the stern sliding door are designed so they remain free of debris, simultaneously making sure the door does not freeze in cold conditions.

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