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A practical and safe commuter for sheltered to medium-sheltered waters and moderate waves. Also suitable for overnight trips as accommodation on board is possible. The spacious open area in the stern can be equipped with a separate table to function as a second social space, and a sizeable storage hold can be found under the stern deck. The large opening sunroof effectively cools down the cabin during hot summer days. TG 6.9 is a model range favourite and one of the best-selling cabin boats in Finland.

TG 6.9

51 910,00 €Price
  • The practical model range favourite

    As one of the best-selling cabin boats in Finland, the TG 6.9 is ideal for commuting and day cruising on waters with moderate waves. In designing the boat, special attention has been paid to safety, skipper ergonomics and passenger comfort, resulting in a versatile cabin boat that you can enjoy day trips with from early spring to late autumn, even winter. In other words you can extend your active boating season with a cabin boat.

    A pure-bred commuter
    The TG 6.9 is first and foremost a versatile commuter for moderate to large waters. However, you can easily utilise this model range favourite for leisure trips or even for fishing. The large open stern deck and the open bow allows several people to fish at the same time. The definite advantages of the TG 6.9 cabin boat include its large opening sunroof, which covers about 2/3 of the cabin roof. On warm summer days, the sunroof effectively cools down the cabin, while on colder days, you can let the sunshine inside while enjoying the protection provided.

    Equipment and other items transported on board are easy to stow away to keep the deck clear thanks to versatile storage spaces around the boat. The large aft deck also has a spacious hold for storing larger items. In pure leisure use and for overnight trips, the boat can be equipped with e.g. a pentry including a fresh water system and gas cooker, a drawer fridge and a separate table. The table can be mounted both inside the cabin and on the open aft deck, offering options for socialising. Extra seats can be mounted along the sides of the aft deck in the form of folding benches, and a small folding table can be mounted on the stern sliding door.

    Although the TG 6.9 cabin boat is primarily designed for commuting and day cruising, it also provides overnight accommodation. In an instant, the cabin’s seating group turns into berths for two by adding separate mattresses. A Webasto heater is available as an accessory to guarantee nighttime comfort, also outside the summer season.

    A safe and practical choice for the whole family
    The spacious layout, adjustable interior solutions and practical details make the TG 6.9 effortless to use, and the sturdy three-point fixed rails and high broadsides ooze safety both when boarding and moving around on the boat. The stepped bow and the anti-skid deck surface also increase safety on board. A boarding ladder for the bow is also available as an accessory to simplify boarding the boat from a natural harbour or a low jetty.

    On board the boat, the skipper is king, which is why we have paid special attention to the skipper’s space. The sturdy and adjustable seat is placed close to the boat’s center line, offering the best visibility in all directions. Having the skipper’s seat on a central place also makes it easiest to operate the boat solo. The window surfaces are tinted, except for the front windows. All levers and controls are easily accessible and can be used without the need to stretch for them. The dashboard is upholstered in a dark material to prevent reflections on the windshield.

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