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The most sold cabinboat in Finland in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

TG 6.9

49 740,00 €Price
  • TG 6.9 is an excellent choice for commuting as for joy rides. With decades of development 6.9 has become a boat equally great for both beginners as for more demanding boaters. Made and designed for archipelagos demanding conditions. TG 6.9 combines the comfort of a cabin boat with the convenience of a day cruiser.


    Bow area has seats for three. High railings and sides make moving around the boat safe even for the little ones. Door leading inside the cabin is placed on the port side, leaving more open space in the bow.

    Driver’s seat has been placed in the middle of the cabin, giving a clear vision in all directions. All switches are placed well in driver’s reach and there is a place for a 12-inch chartplotter on driver’s console. Stove and fridge have a place under the driver’s seat and with a mattress set, benches in the cabin transform into a double bed. 2/3 of cabin’s roof is a sunroof and stern wall has a large slide door. By opening the sliding door and sunroof it feels almost as driving outside.

    Cabin has seats for eight. The back seat can be turned to the side of the boat, which leaves more space to into the middle of the boat. Boat can be equipped with a table that can be used as well inside as in the stern. Cabin has been placed right to the middle of the boat, leaving a large open area in stern. On both sides of the area there are benches. The bench on port side is high and great seat while traveling and the lower starboard side bench makes climbing on boat easy. Both benches have storage compartments inside. In the middle of the stern area is a large compartment, where is possible to mount for example a well.

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