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Designed mainly as a versatile commuter or a cruiser for family weekend getaways and longer sea journeys, the TG 7.9 offers sheltered seating for ten and berths for four. The separate front cabin with its own entrance can be used for storing goods as well as for overnighting. No compromises are found in this boat, as it combines all the best features of the TG range.


TG 7.9 has been built without making any compromises. Boat combines all the best features of TG models. The 7,8 meters long boat holds covered seating up to eight and beds for four. TG 7.9 bow area has a separate space that can be equipped with a water toilet and mattresses. Next to the bow’s cabin remains a gangway from the bow to the main cabin. With high sides and railings, moving around the boat is safe for the whole family.

Cabin has large panoramic windows, giving great view in all directions. Cabin carries up to six adults and outside fits five. Driver sits in the middle of the cabin providing excellent view and lots of space for all switches next to driver’s right hand. Large sunroof opens 2/3 of the roof, enabling driving standing up and enjoying the sun.

Behind the driver’s seat there is a dining area for four. With a mattress set the dining area converts into two-person bed. Third person sleeps on the other side of a gangway. Under co-pilots seat is a sink and place for stove. Fridge can be installed under driver’s seat.

Lack of storage compartments will not be a problem in the TG 7.9. All three sofas in the cabin have storage compartments inside of them. Also under the floor is compartments for luggage. Roomy gangway enables moving in the cabin effortless. Big sliding door takes to open stern area. Stern area is equipped with seating on three sides. Folding table can be installed on the sliding door. Under the seats are compartments for example ropes, fenders and anchor.

Boat’s well shaped hull provides silent and smooth rides. Sharp bow cuts easily through waves, making boat rides pleasant even in rough weather conditions.

TG 7.9

70 785,00 €Price
  • In this less than eight-meter-long offshore cabin cruiser we have managed to comfortably fit both a sheltered, large main cabin, and a front cabin with a separate entrance. In commuter use the front cabin serves as a dry storage space for luggage, and when used as a cruiser for longer trips it can be equipped with a toilet, perfect for overnight stays. You can get from the bow to the stern safely through either the main cabin or along the side decks, which are useful e.g. when attaching fenders or when mooring side-on.

    Practical and spacious commuter
    The boat has a spacious layout suited for commuting, with comfortable seating for up to 10 people who can all travel in the shelter of the main cabin. Berths for four and plenty of storage space also makes this cabin cruiser a perfect option for longer family overnight trips. The main cabin’s large window surfaces with narrow frames and window posts ensure unobstructed visibility in all directions. All the windows except the windshield in front are tinted for extra comfort. One of the TG 7.9’s best features, the large, opening sunroof that spans the entire width of the roof, allows you to efficiently ventilate the cabin during hot summer days or enjoy the sunshine during colder months. The sunroof also lets the driver comfortably steer the boat while standing. The stern deck seats five adults, and it also boasts large storage compartments for mooring lines, anchor and fenders. An anchor winch can be installed in the stern port side corner for easier mooring manoeuvres. Also the bow has a large storage space for mooring lines and fenders.

    Skipper’s boat
    The skipper naturally plays a key role on the boat, both in terms of the passengers’ comfort and the safety for all people onboard. The skipper’s sturdy and supportive seat is placed close to the boat’s centreline to offer the best visibility in all directions, as well as optimal control even when operating the boat solo. All the controls and levers are within easy reach of the skipper, and the dashboard is upholstered in dark material to avoid unwanted reflections onto the windshield.

    Comprehensive accessories
    The TG 7.9 cabin boat can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to make journeys even more comfortable and enjoyable for the whole family. The list of accessories include a fridge, a pentry and mattresses for the berths, as well as a bow thruster, a dimming curtain set for the main cabin, and anchor winch for the stern and a bow boarding ladder to facilitate embarking the boat.

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