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TG 7.9 has been built without making any compromises. Boat combines all the best features of TG models. The 7,8 meters long boat holds covered seating up to eight and beds for four. TG 7.9 bow area has a separate space that can be equipped with a water toilet and mattresses. Next to the bow’s cabin remains a gangway from the bow to the main cabin. With high sides and railings, moving around the boat is safe for the whole family.

Cabin has large panoramic windows, giving great view in all directions. Cabin carries up to six adults and outside fits five. Driver sits in the middle of the cabin providing excellent view and lots of space for all switches next to driver’s right hand. Large sunroof opens 2/3 of the roof, enabling driving standing up and enjoying the sun.

Behind the driver’s seat there is a dining area for four. With a mattress set the dining area converts into two-person bed. Third person sleeps on the other side of a gangway. Under co-pilots seat is a sink and place for stove. Fridge can be installed under driver’s seat.

Lack of storage compartments will not be a problem in the TG 7.9. All three sofas in the cabin have storage compartments inside of them. Also under the floor is compartments for luggage. Roomy gangway enables moving in the cabin effortless. Big sliding door takes to open stern area. Stern area is equipped with seating on three sides. Folding table can be installed on the sliding door. Under the seats are compartments for example ropes, fenders and anchor.

Boat’s well shaped hull provides silent and smooth rides. Sharp bow cuts easily through waves, making boat rides pleasant even in rough weather conditions.

TG 7.9

67 890,00 €Price
  • Safety is one of the key features of the TG boats. Boats have high sides surrounding the open areas and railings all around the boat. TG 7.9’s bow has three steps to enable easy access even for seniors and children. Bow railings are attached with three abutments making the railings extra sturdy. Gangway between the railings is wide so that it is easy to carry luggage into the boat. Boat’s unique deck texture doesn’t get slippery even when wet and is easy to maintain clean. Increasing the safety, boats have a quick draining system, that empties the bow from water in no time. On both sides of the bow there are 60mm holes where the water can drain out quickly. Next to all seats there are railing or handles where to hold on during driving or getting up.

    Boat is equipped with two windscreen wipers. Switches for the wipers are located well within reach, for both the driver and codriver. Driver’s wiper has also own speed for drizzle and a single wipe with own switch. As a standard the boat has a cabin ventilation system. Fresh air is taken in through the front wall, air goes around the cabin and exits through the back wall. Most of the ventilation blows to the front window and rest is blown to the side windows, keeping the driver’s visibility clear at all times. Cabin ventilation can also be adjusted to blow warm air as well.

    All the boat’s windows are made of hardened glass to reduce scrapings. Windows are darkened decreasing distracting glaze from outside. Only four frontmost windows are clear, to ensure excellent visibility for the driver in all conditions. Cabin’s supporting structure is made to look light and as indistinguishable as possible so that it wouldn’t block visibility from any angle. All the seats in the cabin are on the same level, providing all the passengers equally good view.

    Correct lighting is one of the key elements of safe boating. Good lighting enables great visibility, without disturbing reflections of the lights. Cabin’s windscreen has a negative angle, to minimize reflections. Boat can be equipped with a led light package, which includes a bowlight, ambient lighting for the cabin and an effective led light for the stern area. The bowlight is integrated in the bow, so the light doesn’t disturb driver’s eyes or isn’t on the way when boarding boat. The light is exceptionally effective, lighting seamarks even from a 500 meters distance. Bowlight is helpful also at shore when unloading boat, lighting the way to summerhouse. Cabin’s ambient lighting is placed above windows, behind panels, giving a beautiful glare free lighting both outside and inside the boat. Stern’s effective light is placed above the back door, lighting the way when backing up to shore or attaching to a buoy. On the cabin’s roof there is a place for one or two search lights. Lights are placed on the roof so that the light doesn’t shine on the open bow area. The lights can be equipped with a remote control and turn to light sideways or back.

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