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BALT 1018 TITANIUM is a continuation of the TITANIUM series of yachts (Balt 818 Titanium is produced from 2013 and it has become the favourite of customers and the Yacht of the Year 2015 in Poland).

BALT 1018 TITANIUM is a semi-planing cruising yacht with a spacious living room on the upper level, and a spacious cockpit with an additional seating area. The yacht’s design is the result of understanding the users and customers’ needs, for whom it is not the large size of the boat that matters – but its functionality resulting from well-thought-out solutions and space, manoeuvrability and elegance.


The mess organized as saloon is bright, sunny and pleasant both for the helmsman and the whole crew. This arrangement of the interior unites the participants of the cruise and allows to be together, regardless of the activities. Glazed cockpit allows you to admire the views and at the same time protects against wind and bad weather.


Under the deck there are 2 comfortable, lockable sleeping cabins. They are characterized byfull standing height, as well as availability of furniture cabinets and comfortable, full-size berths. And all this carefully, cosily finished by experienced boatbuilders of the Balt-Yacht shipyard. The sanitary cabin also does not restrict the user – it is bright, egronomic, spacious and equipped with all necessary installations – toilets, sinks, showers, heating and ventilation.


The leading concept in the design of BALT 1018 TITANIUM was the words of the famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – “Less is more”. The task was to create a yacht without unnecessary biased curiosities and decorative elements. The designers stood up to the task, created an elegant, timeless model, consistent in its style, enchanting with its balanced proportions and simplicity of charm.


Long mess windows together with a slender long roof finished with a gentle slant over the windscreen create an impression of slenderness and dignity.


121 500,00 €Price

    Max Hull length 10,2 m

    Hull length 8,58 m

    Beam 3 m

    Draft max. 0,49 m *

    Height above waterline 3,30 m *

    Weight withought engine 3620 kg

    Outboard engine max. 60 – 90 KM

    Inboard engine Diesel S-Drive 45 – 57 KM

    Fuel tank 120-239 l *

    Water tank 130-240 l

    Waste tank 60 l

    Crew Max 6

    Wysokość w kabinie 1,97 m

    Berth / Crew 3/6

    Category CE C-6

  • 2-cabin version, cat.C-6
    Colour white
    Handmade polyester laminate
    Water line stripes - black or white
    Panoramic window plexi on the right and left board
    Decorative batten   - both sides
    Laminated aft bathing platform with 4 step  ladder and handle

    Colour white
    Handmade polyester laminate, sandwich constr.
    Anti-slip surface
    Anchor locker
    Full railing
    2 aft pulpits
    2 handrailings on the roof
    Steel roof support in mess under the roof
    2 handles on the roof columns
    4 mooring cleats: 2 on the bow, 2 on the aft
    Wheelhouse with hard top (colour RAL7032), windscreen and side windows made of glass (side windows tinted, front – full transparent)
    2 sliding openings in side windows on the left and right.
    Ventilation openings on the top of front window with regulated locking
    1 decks hatch in bow cabin
    1 opening porthole in WC-cabin
    Laminated seat on the bow

    Self draining cockpit with 2 compartments
    Gas bottle station
    Laminated bench on the aft with Inox backrest/handrail
    Folding cockpit closure (addtional seat)
    Sliding cockpit glas door at the back of the saloon                                                   

    Interior made in HPL-board  (Polish oak, nut)
    Floor in HPL-board  (artificial teak, with dark stripes, bolted)
    Mattresses in cabin with upholstery (colour to choose)
    Closable double bow cabin, with shelfs and locker on the left side.
    Lockable double left aft cabin with shelves, lockable right aft cabin with shelves as a wardrobe.
     opening hatches for aft cabins,from the boards.
    Closed laminated toilet cabin, with washbasin, 

    Steering consol with steering wheel
    Front dark decorative panels under the windscreen
    Skipper seat + backrest and cabinet under the seat
    Passenger seat with convertible backrest
    Inox sink with integrated 2-flames gas cooker
    Chrom-plated water tap for cold water (folding)
    HPL-board kitchen top
    Shelfs and cabinets in galley
    Garbage can


    Stairs to the roof 
    Sliding hatch – entrance to the roof
    Anti-slip surface
    Steering consol with transmission steering wheel
    Skipper seat
    Console and skipper's seat cover
    Windscreen plexi
    Railing on the left
    Railing on the aft
    Railing on the steering console
    Cup holder
    Water outlet

    Interior and wheelhouse LED lighting, separete switchers
    Ambiente lighting in cabins and in mess (hidden LED lighting)
    Master electric switch panel 
    Main switch  (fuse)
    1 USB socket on the steering consol in mess and on flybridge
    2 electrical bilge pumps
    House battery 110h (gel)

    Fresh water tank 130L (in bow part of the boat)
    Water analog indicator with sensor
    Water installation with automat.water pump

    Gas installation with gas-reducer 

    Hydraulical steering system for outboard <150HP
    Plastic fuel tank 120L

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