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The Eagle BRx is a pure aluminium version of the 2016-novelty Eagle BR. The spacious area in the stern makes this your perfect companion for both fishing and leisurely rides. The easy-to-transform bow area is also a nice touch, especially if you enjoy cast fishing.
Eagle BRx is the perfect choice especially for the speed-enthusiastic boater who values durability, ease of use and versatility.



37 420,00 €Price

    Eagle BRX in pure aluminum is the choice for you, who appreciate ease of use, durability, comfort and versatility. Behind the wide windshield both driver and co-driver sit in fully padded Offshore seats, and if necessary, two more comfort seats can be fitted on the open stern area - still leaving plenty of space for moving around the boat and fully taking advantage of the fixed stern bench and the two aluminum foldable flap seats in the aft. The bow has been designed to function well both in daily use and when you are out fishing. 

    The hull for Eagle BR, the popular Silver model which was introduced coming into season 2016, provides the base for our Silver Eagle BRX model. The X stands for pure aluminum, meaning that pretty much everything in the Eagle BRX model is made out of aluminum except for the steering consoles, which for ergonomic reasons are partly out of fiberglass. In addition to the durable aluminum hull, the inner sides, the storage units, the floor/deck, stern bench and stern folding flap seats are out of marine aluminum. Sturdy 30 mm thick aluminum railings increase the feeling of security onboard and make it easier to attach e.g. fishing equipment to the boat. 

    Behind the sizeable windshield the driver and co-pilot travel comfortably in fully-padded Offshore seats. The windshield in itself is out of hardened glass, and thus mounting of windshield wipers is possible. The driver’s windshield wiper is fitted as standard. In-between the two steering consoles stands a two-part door, which improves wind shelter for passengers sitting in the back. 

    The stern has been fitted with a fixed, centrally placed stern bench with a foldable aluminum flap seat on either side of the bench. Together with the two flap seats and the sizeable aluminum swimming platforms the bench transforms into a cohesive flat surface suited for e.g. spin fishing. The open stern area is so spacious, that it can even fit two additional comfort seats (similar to the co-driver’s seat); one seat behind the driver and one behind the co-driver. Thus up to four persons can travel extremely comfortable sheltered behind the windshield. The additional seats are available at an extra cost.

    The bow deck encompasses a clear walkway and large storage spaces for your belongings. The walkway is, however, possible to cover with a separate aluminium plate construction (separate cost applies) - this solution has been developed in order for the bow deck to work better for e.g. spin fishing enthusiasts. Of course it can also be utilized as a sunbed, adding a mattress (add-on accessory).

    As with the popular 2016 Eagle BR model, an outboard engine of up to 150 hp can be fitted on the stern transom of the Eagle BRX. The durable design, together with the possibility of a powerful outboard engine, makes Eagle BRX a great choice for the boater who is looking for speed and excitement, without having to compromise on neither safety nor great drivability. The fenomenal hull design makes the driving experience pleasant, in all speeds.

    Everything necessary as standard

    Eagle BRX is the complete package for the active boater. The novelty comes with a standardly fitted 9-inch Raymarine Axiom-chartplotter (as of MY2012 an Axiom+ screen), which serves the user both in navigation, fishing and recreational purposes. The multifunction display supports the general sea chart formats C-Map, Navionics and Lighthouse, and it has built-in Wifi and Bluetooth. The Wifi connection makes screen updates easy and effortless and it even makes it possible to share the screen view with your tablet/mobile phone.
    The Raymarine Axiom -chartplotter has a standardly fitted echo sounder, which helps give you a clearer picture of what is happening underneath the surface. A NMEA network is also included as standard, which i.e. facilitates installation of additional electronics or equipment, and makes sure that your outboard engine and chartplotter discusses seamlessly. The driver gets realtime information concerning important engine data such as speed, water depth, engine RPM and trim tab angles. The screen view is of course extremely easy to adapt, so that you see exactly the information you need at any given time.

    The door between the consoles, the driver’s windshield wiper and foot rest, the fixed centrally placed stern bench, the two foldable flap seats in the stern, as well as the strong 30mm aluminium railings are included in the standard pack. See all standard equipements in the menu below.

    The pure aluminium Eagle BRX is a great choice for the boater who seeks thrill and excitement, but who wants an easy-maintainable, durable and simultaneously practical boat for both recreational rides and fishing journeys.

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