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The only center console boat in Silver boat range. The Shark CCX is a safe and sturdy boat packed with power and speed. The boat is versatile and transforms well for different needs. Thanks to its tough aluminum hull, it can be used all year round.


30 160,00 €Price
  • Silver Shark CCX is a pure aluminum center console boat made for adventures and year-round-use. The well placed console enables easy-moving around the boat, especially when fishing or operating the boat alone. Shark CCX can be tailored to your needs, thanks to its wide range of additional accessories.

    Noticeable features of the Shark CCX are its excellent driving characteristics, silent hull and seaworthiness. The boat's hull, storage units, fixed stern bench and two flap seats in the stern are all made out of robust marine aluminum. Due to ergonomic reasons the steering console is partly made of fiberglass. The wide steering console with its sizeable winshield out of glass provides excellent shelter for both driver and co-pilot. The large instrument panel easily fits even two chartplotters and thanks to the windshield made of glass, the boat can be equipped with a windscreen wiper (additional accessory). 

    Shark CCX's hull is manufactured utilising a special triangular box structure, familiar from the other Silver boat models. These triangular aluminum side structures are densely filled with polyurethane foam that does not absorb water. Due to this construction method all the boats are extremely safe, torsionally rigid and float even if filled with water. The side box structures also help make rides quiet, as they suppress hull-borne structural noise. Shark CCX is smooth to drive even in choppy waves. The boat has a new keel list, which enables the boat to glide easily when trailering the boat. 

    Thanks to the durable aluminium hull, landing on rocky shores or beaches, or searching for the best fishing spots in shallow waters, is not a problem and the aluminium Shark can be used all-year-round. The deck is made of long-lasting marine aluminium and with an ample number of handles and railings for downrigger holders, the boat can be converted into a sportsfisher's dream boat.

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