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Silver Puma BR, is a boat made for enjoying warm summer days in great company. It is also extremely well suited for e.g. water sports. This stylish bow rider combines great looks with excellent driving characteristics and utter comfort.

Silver Puma BR

27 000,00 €Price
  • Power pack in compact size

    As the smallest model of the Silver Z pure fiberglass series, the Puma BRz has quite a lot to live up to - and it does not let you down. This powerful yet compact package is the perfect companion for families and groups of friends alike, when socializing and enjoying the warm summer evenings are some of your top priorities. Not to forget water sports and cruising along the city lines. Despite its rather compact size, Puma BRz has the feel of a lot bigger boat. It comfortably fits up to six adults, the driving feels balanced and stable, and steering is exact and easy.

    The driver and co-pilot sit comfortably in fully padded Offshore seats. While in the harbor or at anchor, the seats can be turned around, forming a convenient seating area together with stern sofa.  The boat can also be equipped with a stern canopy, which enables pleasant travelling even on a slightly droopy day. Inside the aft sofa it is possible to install a fridge to help keep drinks and snacks chilled during your escapades (additional accessory). 

    The storage compartment inside the stern sofa is big enough for a wakeboard or water skis, and inside the seats in the open bow you can store packing or grocery bags during transportation. The co-pilot’s console has a storage compartment that fits even traditional navigational charts. Both aft and bow have storage compartments for ropes and anchor,  and in the stern corners you find decked storage compartments for the fenders. 

    Puma has a windshield made from glass that continues far along the sides, ensuring shelter even for the passengers sitting on the stern sofa. The windshield provides excellent visibility for the driver in every weather condition. When designing the driver’s console, focus has been on functionality, ergonomics and looks. All gauges and switches are located well in the driver’s field of view without blocking visibility. Driving is equally convenient standing or sitting. Between the consoles there is a door improving shelter for the passengers sitting in the aft. Stainless steel bow railings come as standard making travelling and embarking the boat safer and more pleasant. Puma’s swimming platforms are sizeable, which makes mooring and getting in the water easier. The swimming ladder comes as standard making water activities a natural part of your boating trips. Puma is the perfect choice for day trips and watersports as well as a boat for the summer house.  

    This compact bow rider has everything you could wish for on a day trip. If the boat’s comprehensive standard equipment does not have everything you desire, Puma can also be equipped with a wide range of accessories.

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