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The light and powerfulelectric powered engine.

Responsible, universal and light, the TEMO·450 propulsion solution looks after both boaters and the environment.
Designed to correspond to all profiles and practices, TEMO's electric outboard motors allow you to do dinghy transfers and to manoeuvre in port or in an anchorage without straining your body or mind! 


The electro-portable solution

> Lightweight, reliable, ergonomic and design
> A unique design combining motor, battery
and control unit.
> A weight of less than 5 kg
> 100% waterproof
> 450W (equivalence 1,5hp)
> 1 hour range at full speed
> 12V or 220/110V charging
> Made in France
> For small tenders up to 3 persons and
small dinghies and sailing boats.

TEMO 450

1 590,00 €Price
    > Motor power 450W
    > Propulsive power 200W
    > Static thrust 12Kg
    > Charging 220v ou 12v
    > Charging time with 220V 31⁄2H
    > Nominal voltage 25v

    > Ideal angle of inclination 30° max
    > Acceleration Progressive acceleration on trigger
    > Controls Ahead / astern

    > Total weight in kg 4,9kg
    > Length 130 à 170 cm
    > 3-Bladed propeller diameter 17,5cm
    > Waterproof rating IP67
    > Concept TEMO
    > Design Chedal Anglay Design

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