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Terhi 450 is a renewed version of the popular 445 model, and its biggest asset is its aluminum reinforced stern transom. The reinforced transom makes it possible to mount even a 40 hp outboard engine, which gives you as the boat user a heap of new dimensions. The Terhi 450 std is a tiller-handled version.

Terhi 450

SKU: 245004
4 935,00 € Regular Price
4 400,00 €Sale Price
  • In 450 models the hulls are identical, but they differ from each other interior-wise. Terhi 450 is a tiller-handled version of the novelty model, and it is ideally suited as an allrounder for lakes and sheltered coastal waters. In the Nordics these type of boats are mostly used as an access boat between the mainland and a summer house situated on a small island, for lowering and lifting fishing nets or as a small leisure boat when heading to closeby islands. As the Terhi 450 is extremely stable and robust, it can easily be utilized also by the family's younger boaters. Rainwater drainage is a welcome addition, as it keeps the boat afloat when docked as long as the bottom plug is left open, even if heavy rain would suddenly commence out of the blue. The water level inside the boat stays the same as outside the boat.

    The Terhi 450 is based on an earlier model, the 445, but in the 450 the stern transom has been reinforced with an aluminum plate, which enables us to install an up to 40 hp outboard engine on the transom. The increased engine power is extremely useful, especially when 4-5 persons usually travel in the boat or when heavy and bulky loads and often transported. The larger engine size also facilitates lifting the boat into planing, even if the load of the boat naturally affects. The smart, flippable middle bench, the four lockable storage compartments and the lockable oar storage remains the same as in the 445 models.

    The Terhi 450 can be equipped with additional accessories, e.g. side railings, bow railings, a sensor fram for transom transducer, a bow canopy, a targa fishing arch as well as with seat cushions. By equipping your boat according to your own wants and needs, you get a boat that is suited exactly for your kind of use.

    As the rest of our Terhi boat models, also the new 450 model is made of a double layer construction of durable and resistant ABS plastic. The void between the inner and outer ABS hull is densely filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam, a floatation material that does not absorb water. This so called Sandwich structure makes our boats especially robust, safe and practically unsinkable. The polyurethane foam acts as floatation and simultaneously suppresses hull-borne noises. We are confident in our way of manufacturing boats, which is why all Terhi boats are granted a 4 year consumer warranty.

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