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Ther 450 C is a true allrounder equipped with a practical side console. It is extremely stable and balanced, and is thus especially suited for access and transport boating, as well as for different kind of recreational fishing. The safe, unsinkable construction makes this a good option also for the family's younger skippers. On the new, reinforced stern transom an outboard of up to 40 hp can be mounted, which particularly improves the carrying capacity.

Terhi 450 C

SKU: 245005
5 910,00 € Regular Price
5 700,00 €Sale Price
  • Terhi 450 C

    Length   4,45 m

    Width   1,85 m

    Weight   295 kg

    Number of passengers    C5 / D7

    Engine   20–40 hv (maks. 40 hv)

    Maximum recommended engine weight   105 kg

    Estimated top speed with two persons   25 kts (30 hp)

    Approval    CE C/D

    Self-draining   √

    Unsinkable construction   √

    Hull   ABS plastic

    Seat boxes    ABS plastic

    Comfort seats   -

    Steering console   ABS plastic

    Railings    HST / additional accessory

    Flotation   Polyurethane foam

    Deck   ABS plastic

    Windshield   Akrylic

    Fuel tank   Separate

    Bottom    ABS plastic

    Transom    Extra reinforced (aluminum reinforcement)

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