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Terhi 450 CC is the perfect companion if you are looking for a boat that will both take you to and from your summer house, out for leisurely rides with the family or for relaxing fishing trips. The new center console layout improves the centre of gravity and maneuverability when one person alone is onboard.

Terhi 450 CC

SKU: 245006
5 910,00 € Regular Price
5 700,00 €Sale Price
  • Terhi 450 CC is a versatile motorboat equipped with a center console. This model is all you need for your summer house, as it works just as well for short leisure rides with the family and for transports between point a and point b, as it works for different types of recreational fishing. Terhi 450 CC is based on the 445 model, which was launched in 2014. The biggest difference between the 445 and the new 450 hull is the reinforced stern transom, which enables us to mount a larger 40 hp outboard engine to the 450 CC. Thanks to the higher engine power the boat performs better and it has a bigger load tolerance, at the same time as it is easier to get the boat planing.

    The steering console of the 450 CC has been moved to the centre of the boat, which makes the boat better balanced when one person alone is on-board the boat. The central placement of the console also makes it comfortable, easy and, above all, safe to move around in the boat. The battery and main switch have been placed in the console, which improves the centre of gravity and frees storage space underneath the stern bench. There's enough space under the stern bench for personal belonging and two separate fuel tanks. The foldable middle seat, the four lockable storage spaces and the lockable oar storage remain the same as in the Terhi 445 models.

    As with the rest of the Terhi boats, also Terhi 450 is manufactured with a dual hull construction, which not only guarantees that the boats are unsinkable, but also makes sea journeys more comfortable and surprisingly quiet. The void between the two ABS plastic hulls we spray with closed cell foam of non-absorbing polyurethane. This polyurethane foam strengthens the construction, gives torsional rigidity, functions as floatant and reduces hull-borne noise.

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