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Our new cabin-equipped novelty, the Terhi 480 Cabin, will be premiered at the Helsinki Vene24Båt boat show in February 2024. In this novelty, the driver and co-driver sit sheltered from wind and sudden rain inside the cabin, while passagers are seated onto the stern bench. A separate canopy can be added, which covers the whole open stern deck, giving shelter for the passengers sitting in the back. 

Terhi 480 Cabin

SKU: 248008
14 040,00 €Price
  • A surprising new Terhi

    Season 2024 brings along a new Terhi boat model that stands out from the rest of the Terhi model range due to one certain feature, its cabin. The novelty, that goes by name Terhi 480 Cabin, is basically a hardtop version of the popular Terhi 480 BR model, allowing the driver and co-driver to travel sheltered from wind and sea sprays in the comfort of the cabin. Passengers are seated onto the stern bench, which can be covered with a separate stern canopy for protection. In addition to being hassle free to walk through from bow to stern, the large sunroof and the surprisingly spacious layout are some of the greatest assets of the novelty.

    The cabin-equipped novelty is designed above all as a versatile access boat for Nordic and northern European conditions. The driver and co-driver travel in comfort inside the cabin, which features a wide, openable sunroof. The sunroof offers the opportunity of driving the boat while standing, but simultaneously also lets you enjoy the warmth of the sun on windier days. During warm days the temperature in the cabin does not rise too high, due to the ventilation provided by the sunroof and the cabin’s open back. The stern open area features a stern bench with good legroom for 2-3 persons. An aft canopy that covers the stern open area is sold separately. With the canopy added all 5 passengers can travel sheltered from sudden rain.

    The Terhi 480 Cabin positively surprises with its use of space, which is fully comprehensible only when stepping onboard the boat in person. There is more space to move around both inside the cabin and on the open areas than meets the eye at first glance, making the novelty suited for both access boating, transfers at sea, day tripping or even for trolling. The 480 Cabin is naturally possible to walk through from bow to stern via the cabin’s 2-piece front door and open back. Driving Terhi 480 Cabin is well-balanced, but we also offer trim tabs as additional accessory, making it more effortless to drive also in varied wind conditions or if unevenly loaded. An outboard engine of 50-60 hp can be mounted on the transom, and the whole boat package can be transported on a trailer without brakes.

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