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The friend of many fishermen. Terri Nordic has received praise for its high sides and exceptional stability, which makes embarking safe. The open space in the middle of the boat makes it good for fishing, and a corf has been fitted as standard. Suited also for transfers to and from the summer house.

Terhi Nordic 6020

SKU: 245501
5 145,00 €Price
  • Nordic 6020 is a seaworthy and popular all-round boat with extraordinarily good ‘work boat’ capabilities. The boat has received thanks for its high freeboard and utmost stability, making the boat very secure and safe to use for boaters of all ages. This also makes the Nordic 6020 optimal as a commuter’s boat. Anglers highly praise Nordic 6020 for its open middle deck area, which makes it safer to move about in the boat while fishing. The boat even has a fish chest with drainage, to hold all your catch, as standard.

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