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A side console boat that is popular especially amongst fishermen. Steadily constructed, you do not have to worry about heading out to sea even in tougher weather conditions. The lid of the side compartment in the middle of the boat can easily be folded out to form an extra seat.

Terhi Nordic 6020 C

SKU: 245502
6 675,00 €Price
  • The console boat Nordic 6020 C is directly related to the fishermen's favorite boat. As well as its role models, the Nordic 6020 C is also very safe and secure on the water regardless of the weather. If more seating is potentially needed, the side storage compartment’s lid can be folded over to form a middle bench. Included as standard are, among other things, a bilge pump, high guide-rails in the front for easy boarding and wiring for navigational lights.

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