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The favorite Terhi Saiman with a twist. The hull of Saiman Hunter is all-green, inside and out, which makes this the perfect boat when you need to move around without being seen - thus Saiman Hunter is, as its name says, a great companion for waterfowl hunters. Effortless rowing and quiet manoeuvring through water is Saiman’s biggest assets.

Terhi Saiman Hunter

SKU: 250004
2 365,00 € Regular Price
2 300,00 €Sale Price
  • A version of the popular Terhi Saiman, which adapts especially well to nature thanks to its green color both outside and inside the boat. The boat is especially well suited for wildlife observers, nature photographers and seabird hunters because of its soundless approach and nature-like green color which allows one to get around without arousing attention. In addition, the Saiman Hunter produces very little waves, which is beneficial when you want to get around unnoticed.

    Boat’s self-draining construction is optimized with an outboard engine. When boat is used without an engine, the weight should be compensated with 10kg.

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