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Saiman Solar is the choice for the environment conscious boater. It gets its energy from the sun, which is transfered via solar panels to the electric outboard engine. Especially for lakes where combustion engines are prohibited. The boat is also effortless to row and glides smoothly through the water thanks to its hull shape.

Terhi Saiman Solar

SKU: 250010
2 810,00 €Price
  • The renewed eco-friendly alternative

    Saiman Solar is a renewed edition of Saiman Unwind - the eco-friendly boat that uses solar energy as energy source. A 30W solar panel, a battery regulator and battery casing are included as standard - all pre-assembled. You only need to add a battery that suits your needs and an electric outboard engine of your choice. If you choose an engine with an intgrated battery, you do not necessarily even need a separate battery.

    Salman Solar is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious boaters and for those who travel on waters where fuel engines are prohibited. A pair of oars and rowlocks also come with the basic pack.

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