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After decades of product development, 7.9 Supreme fulfills the needs of even more demanding boaters.


Supreme is for you if you want it all. All the boat's features have been designed to fulfill even the most demanding needs. Either you like to go on day trips or longer journeys, Supreme is the boat for you.

Use of space is excellent and the boat carries easily up to ten adults with luggage. Supreme is similar to the TG 7.9 but with reinforced structure. Supreme's stern transom is reinforced, so it can carry up to 300 horsepower outboard engine. The 300 hp engine provides up to a 40 knots travel speed. Along with the reinforced transom, all the hull structures are reinforced. Also the boat has extra soundproofs. Boat's ample railings are stylishly black.

TG 7.9 Supreme

77 320,00 €Price
    • Lenght    8,02 m
    • Width    2,5 m
    • Weight   1550 kg
    • CE-approval   C/D
    • Number of passengers   C9/D11
    • Engine   200-300 hp
    • Fuel tank   260 l
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