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Silver Tiger DC is the second to smallest of the Silver fiberglass models. It's a fairly compact, yet comfortable and extremely functional Day Cruiser suited for both families and small groups of friends who like to entertain and spend time with loved ones. The modern, shapely design is balanced by its timeless and stylish interior.


39 450,00 €Price
  • Price-winning Day Cruiser

    Silver Tiger DC is the second to smallest of the pure fiberglass series. The hull is, as familiar from the larger fiberglass models, designed utilizing the unique Swedish Petestep® technology. The design is by Norwegian design agency Eker Design AS.

    As its big sister Raptor, also Tiger DC features a front cabin, which invites you to spend summer nights on-board the boat. The cabin has berths for two adults, and space for a chemical toilet, which is sold separately. The cabin mattresses and carpet is of course included in the boat's standard price.

    The driver's space is well-designed so that it is both functional and comfortable. All meters, controls as well as the chartplotter are easily manageable from the driver's position, they're right in the field of view but without masking visibility. Due to the driver's offshore seat you experience a great driving comfort both standing up and sitting down.

    The co-pilot's console can be fitted with a pantry, complete with a portable gas stove, tap and faucet, including the water system (additional accessory). As standard you have a spacious storage space in the co-pilot's console, as well as the physical faucet and tap, however, the water system to/from the faucet is not drawn as standard. Underneath the co-pilot's seat you have the possibility to add a drawer fridge, which can be found on the additional accessory list. The pantry, together with the comfortable U-sofa and a large 1-piece table for the stern open deck, makes this model the perfect companion for those who enjoy entertaining and spending quality time with friends and family out on the sea.

    The windshield gives plenty of shelter due to its shape and the side windows that continue far along the sides of the boat. The windscreen frames on the production boats are black, giving Tiger DC a slightly edgier look at the same time as the black window frames tie in perfectly with the boat's other black details.

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