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Finnish Terhi boats are made out of strong and smooth, shock and weather proof ABS-plastic. The space between the two vacuum formed shells is filled with a non-absorbing polyurethane foam, which functions both as a strengthener and as pontoon. This so called sandwich structure suppresses hull-born noises and makes the boats wholly unsinkable. The Terhis are long-lived and extremely easy manageable boats with a finish unlike that of any other small boats.


The first Silver boats saw the light of day in the early 1990s, when five ambitious men decided to fulfill their lifelong dream and began designing and manufacturing durable, practical and safe motorboats with an appealing design, especially well-suited for the harsh conditions of Northern Europe. Since then the model range has grown and developed at a fast pace, and today the range consists of 3 different model series. The X-range includes boats in pure aluminum, the Y-range stands for our so called AluFibre™ boats and our pure fiberglass boats are the newest addition to Silver model range . Silver boats are just as well suited for day cruising on the lake and for various watersports, as they are for transporting people and goods or for recreational fishing. The boats are designed with the end consumer in focus, and we strive to be the enabler that lets you pursue your dreams - no matter what you choose to use your boat for.

All Silver boats are manufactured in Finland.


TG boats are hand made in Porvoo and known to be driver friendly, durable and convenience. With over 40 years of experience the factory Freja Marine knows what Finns want in their boats.


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